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Nicaragua: Río Coco

Cooperativa Carlos Fonseca is a small group of about 35 producers working in the area surrounding the town of San Juan del Río Coco, in the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua. During our Spring harvest visit to the exporting cooperative UCA San Juan del Río Coco in 2014 we evaluated the year’s production of all six base coops, including Carlos Fonseca, and it was clear from these six samples that Carlos Fonseca was a group that we wanted to develop a relationship with. Their coffee stood out amongst the other coffees on the table, far superior in flavour and body. It had a delicious nutty, chocolaty and black-tea like quality that is not only quite distinct within the world of Fairtrade Organic coffees but also very difficult to find.

This year we are presenting our second harvest of specially selectd microlots from Carlos Fonseca’s under the name Río Coco, a nod to the important “coconut river” that runs just the south of the farming communities where this coffee originates. Río Coco is a Full Medium roast making it an excellent choice for a full flavoured, tasty and uncomplicated medium roast that is primarily nutty, cocoa-y and sugary in flavour. It contracts nicely as a mlider alternative to our coffee from neighbouring Honduras, which features more of a full, chocolaty flavour at the same roast degree.

Tasting notes: cocoa ~ black tea ~ roasted nuts

Coop: UCA San Juan de Río Coco

Country: Nicaragua 

Region: San Juan del Rio Coco