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Pedro Melghem: Honduran Single Farm

Pedro Melghem is a coffee producer from Marcala, La Paz – the town that supplies most of our Honduran coffee with each year’s spring harvest. He grows coffee on a parcel of land that has been cultivated by his family for over 100 years. We have been working with Pedro and his family since the 2015 harvest when we discovered how excellent their coffees are during a cupping (a formal tasting) of coffees from many associates of the COMSA cooperative, which is itself based in Marcala.

The producers of Marcala are quickly becoming famous for their work in agroecology – the practice of harnessing the full potential of a crop’s environment to produce a bountiful, high quality crop without the need for agrochemicals. Producers like Rommel harvest microorganisms from the mountain soil and brew ‘compost teas’ with them to spray the coffee leaves and surrounding soil with beneficial microorganisms that, for example, help the plant to take in micronutrients. They work with other plants and trees to provide habitat for beneficial special of insects – for instance, habitat for wasps and ants is of great importance as these are the primary predators of the coffee berry borer (la broca), a potentially devastating beetle. They also grow tremendous volumes of organic vegetables alongside their coffee in order to reduce their dependency on food from other sources.

Pedro is one of the elder brothers of the Melghem Family and produces a distinct coffee from the other two brothers that we bought microlots from this year – Rommel and Demetrio. Rommel’s coffee is more honeyed and nutty and Demetrio’s has complex spice and floral notes with higher acidity. Pedro’s coffee is perhaps a bit more straightforward but quite delicious – the aroma is rich and chocolatey with plenty of body and moderate apple acidity.

We are pleased to offer this microlot, grown exclusively by Pedro in celebration of the work that all of the producers in Marcala are doing to develop their community in synergy with their environment.

Tasting notes: coca ~ caramel ~ coffee berry


Country: Honduras

Region: Marcala, La Paz

Producer: Pedro Melghem

Elevation: 1,400 - 1,800 metres above sea level.