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Peru: Apu del Norte

This coffee is grown by the associates of a producer organization whose from for a number of years called CENFROCAFE. They are quite a large group comprised of multiple smaller community associations throughout the Cajamarca department, specifically the provinces of Jaén and San Ignacio. The producers of CENFRO grow primarily caturra, bourbon and typica varieties at high altitudes, often approaching 2000 meters above sea level. These primary factors combined with their sophisticated quality assurance and agricultural support programs result in their producing very high volumes of excellent quality.

In the Inca tradition an “Apu” is a mountain deity or spirit – many of the largest mountains or glaciers along the Andes mountains are known as Apus by the local people. CENFROCAFE has borrowed from this tradition and they call all of their top quality coffees scoring about 85 points “Apus”. We’ve decided to refer to the coffee in the same manner as the producers – Apu of the North, one of the great coffees of Northern Peru.

This year’s is certainly the best coffee we’ve received from the Apu program at CENFROCAFE. The aroma is remarkably full, saturated with chocolate, nut, caramel, roast and a touch of berry. It has great body, nice sweetness and low acidity at this roast profile.

Tasting notes: chocolate ~ caramel ~ dried fruit


Country: Peru

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca