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Roaster's Premium Pick Subscription

This subscription will send you a delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans every month or every three, six, or twelve (3, 6, or 12) months to your home or local Bridgehead! Your subscription can include any number or combination of 12 Oz., 2 Lb., 5 Lb., or 7 Lb. packages of coffee and can be combined with other subscription types.

All of our coffees are Fairtrade, organic, and shade-grown. Roaster's Premium Picks are for those looking for the highest quality of coffees we have to offer - microlots and special origin coffees. Coming from one farm or one specific field on a farm, these coffees have tastes and flavours that shine through the roast for a premium experience.

Note: Due to rarity of supply Premium Picks are not always being roasted. Subscriptions for the Roaster's Premium Pick that are scheduled in between these offerings are shipped out as soon as the next Premium Pick is roasted. Those looking for subscriptions that can be sent out at any time through the year may wish to consider our Roaster's Pick Subscription.

Roaster's Premium Pick: Demetrio Melghem: Honduran Single Farm

Demetrio Melghem consistently grows my favourite coffee amongst the hundreds of producers that are associated with COMSA, the group that we buy from in Marcala, Honduras. He grows this coffee on a couple of parcels of land outside of town and harvests them with his family between December and March.

We’ve been saving this year’s harvest from Demetrio for the holidays in order to celebrate a flavour profile that is particularly well suited to the cold months. His coffee offers interesting aromas in the maple syrup, spice sugary families. The exact aromas are hard to place, but the complex assortment makes for a warming and comforting cup.

Tasting notes: spice ~ cocoa ~ caramel


Country: Honduras

Region: Marcala, La Paz

Producer: Demetrio Melghem

Elevation: 1,400 - 1,800 metres above sea level.