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Roaster's Premium Pick Subscription

This subscription will send you a delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans every month or every three, six, or twelve (3, 6, or 12) months to your home or local Bridgehead! Your subscription can include any number or combination of 12 Oz., 2 Lb., 5 Lb., or 7 Lb. packages of coffee and can be combined with other subscription types.

All of our coffees are Fairtrade, organic, and shade-grown. Roaster's Premium Picks are for those looking for the highest quality of coffees we have to offer - microlots and special origin coffees. Coming from one farm or one specific field on a farm, these coffees have tastes and flavours that shine through the roast for a premium experience.

Note: Due to rarity of supply Premium Picks are not always being roasted. Subscriptions for the Roaster's Premium Pick that are scheduled in between these offerings are shipped out as soon as the next Premium Pick is roasted. Those looking for subscriptions that can be sent out at any time through the year may wish to consider our Roaster's Pick Subscription.

Roaster's Premium Pick: Elías Palomina Julca: Peruvian Single Farm

This is the largest and one of the tastiest single producer coffees we have sourced from Peru. Elías is an associate of the APROCAM cooperative, based in Bagua on the western edges of Peru’s northern Amazonas department. Curiously, Elías actually farms this coffee far to the west of Bagua in a valley surrounded by high rocky Andean peaks. This is unusual as most coffee production in the north of Peru is located on the eastern foothills of the Andes. Elías unusual location allows him to farm at remarkable altitudes – his farm is situated a hair shy of 2000 meters above sea level. It’s a small farm, with only 2.5 hectares of coffee production, however his yields are quite exceptional with over 2,500 lbs of exportable green coffee per hectare.

This coffee represents to me the ideal of high quality Peruvian coffee. The base aroma is a delicious floral, honey and caramel and some of the roast profiles we have been working on bring out a very rich dried fruit character, similar to dates or prunes. It’s quite sweet with ample acidity to bring balance to the cup. We are very excited to have a large volume of this coffee available into early Summer 2016.

Tasting notes: honey ~ floral ~ dried fruit



Region:Huacapampa, Lambayeque

Producer: Elías Palomina Julca