Pore over our pour overs!

We’re excited to have launched a new coffee service that provides an amazing opportunity for our coffee loving customers to enjoy our best coffees at many locations across the city.

Our innovative work in sourcing excellent green coffee has allowed us to build a number of relationships with small producer associations that are now yielding truly remarkable coffees. We think these are among the best coffees available and represent the remarkable ability of these producers to grow and deliver amazing quality. To date we have been limited to offering our best coffees in our 12oz bags and we would love nothing more than to make them available by the cup at our coffeehouses across town. Our new pour over service is what allows us to do this.


Pour over is not exactly a new invention – manual pour over has been around for decades and perfecting various pour over methods has been the focus of professional baristas around the world over the past decade. We have had a limited pour over offering ourselves at the roastery since we opened in 2012.

The difficulty with manual pour over is that the process is fairly volatile and carries a high probability of bad extraction. Manual brewing involves carefully heating a kettle to an exact temperature, using a scale to measure out coffee and water, and getting the pouring technique and timing exactly right. There is a reason why there is a world championship for manual brewing…

Happily, new technology has made pour over very repeatable and efficient and we’re very pleased to be using some rather nice new equipment in our pour over service that eliminates the lack of repeatability normally inherent to the process.  Using a high quality grinder with a built-in scale and an under-counter, programmable water dispenser allows us to have confidence that each pour over we serve will be a great expression of the coffee we’re using.

Pour over takes full advantage of our supply of remarkable coffees, often the result of the work that our coffee buying team does travelling the world and working closely with supply partners and producers to find the best coffees in the communities where we buy. By making these coffees more easily available to enjoy by the cup we are working to improve the opportunity of talented producers to sell more of their coffee for high, quality-driven price premiums.

Currently on the pour over rotation we have the best coffee from Ecuador we’ve ever bought, along with a very special new coffee that we sourced in Uganda last year from the Kasungu Bahungu community and our tasty Peruvian single producer microlot from Elías Palomino Julca.  Coming in the next few months we’ll start to see Central American coffees arrive fresh off harvest - there are some exceptional coffees on the way from some our favorite producers in Guatemala and Honduras!

We have launched pour over mostly at five of our coffeehouses including: 130 Anderson, 440 Richmond, 1437 Ogilvie, 2140 Carling, and 4027 Innes and intend to roll out more. As part of our pour over service we include a small carafe of coffee prepared on our ModBar and a short story on the microlot you’re enjoying. It’s a treat to take time and enjoy the work and craft that has gone into creating these special coffees. Let us know what you think!
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  • Will these fabulous new harvest coffees be available online for purchase too? Your current selection is a little sparse. I hope that means that you’ve been so busy that you’ve sold out of the last harvest!

  • Hi,
    I would like to ask if you are looking for partnership in coffee buying.
    I am from Papua New Guinea and I would like to work as a agent to buy coffee for your company here in Papua New Guinea.
    My family has a Coffee business here in PNG too.

    Please reply and let me know because here in PNG the coffee season here has triple its harvest and companies here are running out of money.

    John Wilson

    John Wilson

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