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A Helping Hand For Hidden Harvest

Many of you enjoyed our Hidden Harvest Blend this summer. It was a delicious blend that was also a fundraiser for Hidden Harvest, a local group that harvests fruit and nuts from trees across the Ottawa region. Fruit and nuts that would otherwise go to waste on public and private property are rescued by connecting tree owners with those eager to harvest local food. The bounty from harvest events is shared amongst the nearest food agency, the homeowner, the harvesters, and Hidden Harvest Ottawa. 


Thanks to you were able to raise $3,700 in support of Hidden Harvest! This donation went to purchasing new harvest tools and to training harvest leaders. The work of Hidden Harvest is important to us because we see the value of food at our finger tips. Hidden Harvest crews are still out there harvesting even in this chilly weather! If you're interested in becoming a volunteer with Hidden Harvest check out the short video To learn more, to volunteer or to sign up your nut or fruit bearing tree visit


Bridgehead staff from the Preston and Fairmont shops were able harvest fruit and nuts with Jay and Kat of Hidden Harvest! They learned the proper techniques of harvesting and saw how much food you can get from just one tree.

The Fairmont staff

 The Preston staff harvesting crab apples


 Celebrating our helping hand for Hidden Harvest at our Roastery.

   Celebrating our helping hand for Hidden Harvest at our Roastery 


EY asked us to collaborate with them on their "EY Connect Day" as part of their 150 Days of Giving campaign. For one day, the value of all brewed Hidden Harvest  coffee sales was donated by EY to Hidden Harvest. EY Connect Day was able to raise an impressive $5000!

Kat and Jay of Hidden Harvest being presented a cheque from EY Connect Day




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    thank you.
    Zuly Zonova
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  • I am interested in purchasing the EY branded Fair Trade coffee. Can you provide me details?

    Deann Goelz

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