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United for Refugees at the Roastery

Hosts of CBC Ottawa Morning at the Preston Bridgehead Roastery

Project Give at the roasteryProject Give is an annual charity drive run by the CBC Ottawa supporting a cause each year. In 2015, CBC’s Project Give set out to collect support for the many refugees coming to the Ottawa region as our new neighbours. This year, Project Give was launched in support of United for Refugees. This is a fundraising drive set up as a partnership between the Community Foundation of Ottawa, United Way Ottawa, Refugee 613, and the City. The fundraiser aims to help address housing and other needs they face as they settle in the Ottawa region.

On Friday, December 11th, CBC Radio’s Robyn Bresnahan and the rest of the Ottawa Morning crew came to the Bridgehead Roastery for a special show! Guests, musicians and customers came to support United for Refugees. For that morning, anybody able to offer a donation to Project Give at any Bridgehead location was given a coupon for a free coffee on their next visit.

With promises of coffee and the pitch-perfect, live music, from the live show alone we were able to raise over $50,000 for United for Refugees! The total for the drive was even more staggering. Including a $10,000 anonymous donation at the Roastery on the 11th, the grand total raised for United for Refugees was $253,987!

February 08, 2016


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