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New Mexican microlot from Diego Gomez

Diego Gomez represents an extraordinary change in how small-scale producers can sell their coffee.  Instead of pooling his excellent coffee with the rest of the coop’s, his has been singled out to be sold as a Single Farm Coffee from his 1.5 hectare farm in The Triunfo Bioreserve in Chiapas.  It is sweet, tasty and complex and represents the hard work of a single skilled farmer working in the remote mountains of Mexico.

The photo is Gomez taken this year by our Wholesale Rep as he and our Director of Coffee visited coops in Guatemala and Mexico.

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October 08, 2013

  • As a long time supporter of Bridgehead(13 years) I have experienced the amazing growth of the Bridgehead brand. Of course, the coffee, teas and food items are some of the best I have eaten. However, I lament the fact that the choice of soup, which I almost always order, is lacking insomuch as, unlike the Bridgehead early years, there’s a lack of chunky veg and bean soups in the past few years. All the soup(2) are pureeed now and, as good as some of the them are, I would rather have a chunky veg soup. While the pureed soups are easier and probably cheaper to make, the Bridgehead kitchen needs to turn out a least one chunky veg soup along with the ubiquitous pureed soup. When there’s only pureed soup on for the day, I tend to avoid them and have a sandwich.


    Posted by Richard Meehan on October 17, 2013

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