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Two new harvests from Don Alonzo

We now have two Guatemalan coffees from the farm of Don Alonzo. We will be featuring a Mid-Harvest and a Late Harvest. Don Alonzo is the president of the ADIPY coop, a member of CODECH and producer of some of the best coffees in Guatemala.  

The Mid-Harvest is taken from medium altitude ranges and is more chocolatey and nutty than the higher altitude coffees, while retaining the floral, fruity character that makes the coop’s coffee special.

The Late Harvest is taken from the high altitude ranges that are harvested towards the end of the season. It is more floral, fruity and elegant than the lower altitude coffees, making it one of more exciting coffees of the harvest.

Photo below is of Don Alonzo taken earlier this year.


Posted in: Coffee & Roasting

July 26, 2013


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