A toast to kombucha

Celebrate with kombucha

Kombucha is a sweetened, fermented tea that has been produced in Asia for more than 2,000 years. It was originally known as the “Tea of Immortality” dating back to the third century BC in China. In recent years, health stores in the West began to carry it because of its impressive probiotitc benefits from detoxifying and improved digestion to improved energy. This year it became a break through beverage with wider appeal.

Why do we love it?
Kombucha has a notable fizzy, carbonated taste that makes it a great alternative to sodas and alcoholic beverages. Want to feel festive without the alcohol - try kombucha. Craving a crisp refresher after a ski, spin, or cycle - grab a kombucha. Looking for a new twist in your mixology - reach for kombucha!

Seriously, it’s a renaissance drink.

Raspberry Green Kombucha

We start with our fairly traded and organic tea. We sourced them directly from gardens in China, India, and Sri Lanka. The tea is brewed, sweetened and fermented using a symbiotic colony of both yeast and bacteria called a ‘scoby’. This scoby, or ‘mother’, slowly converts sugar in the tea into CO2 to give it a lightly fizzy, carbonated texture, and ethanol which results in a negligible alcohol content of less than 1%. This process is controlled by time – the longer the kombucha is left to ferment, the more sugar is consumed. Given the complexity of kombucha, we’ve taken the time to make sure we’re getting the recipes right.

Once the tea is fermented it’s ready to enjoy or blend with fresh juice. Our Iron Goddess Oolong kombucha has nothing added. It’s simply beautiful oolong tea that has the colour and consistency of champagne in the glass. Our Raspberry Green is green tea kombucha with macerated raspberries for a light berry blush. Our Jasmine Green Ginger starts with our delicate Jasmine Scented Green with fresh pressed ginger juice.

Enjoy our kombucha by the bottle at all Bridgehead shops and on tap at many locations. One litre growlers of Raspberry Green are available at our Roastery and will roll out to all shops soon.

Visit our shop listings to see which ones have kombucha taps. We are looking forward to new kombucha creations in the coming year.

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  • I’d it pasteurized ?

    Catherine A
  • Catherine, thanks for asking! A bottle of kombucha can be expected to contain 18g of sugar. They can also be recycled in shop, or in any blue bin accepting glass.

  • After fermenting reaches the state that Bridgehead wishes, and the bottles are ready to be sold, how much sugar remains? Please advise.

    Catherine Beck

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