Bridgehead sourdough ~ how long does it take?

Caring Hands

Yes, we bake our own sourdough bread in our Bread Lab at our Preston Street Roastery! It’s a three-day process involving many steps, but it’s so worth the wait.

We revere the tradition of village bakers who were relied upon to bake bread for their community. Our breads make use of wild yeasts and extended fermentation times which can be compared to those used in the making of wine or beer. As the grain ferments the flavour is drawn out, giving each loaf a unique profile.

Long fermentation times, combined with minimally processed flours, and high hydration, contribute to breads that are full of flavour and healthier for you. They also remain fresh longer than commercial loaves which typically have high levels of commercial yeast, sugar, and other additives.

High hydration contributes to increased development activity in the bread and this results in full flavour, silky texture, and bread that is easier to digest. These high hydration sourdough breads continue to ‘cure’ after baking and should sit for three to six hours after baking to allow their crumb to ‘set’. Try to resist breaking into a warm loaf if you can!

Caring Hands

Each of our loaves has been made with care and attention by hand, in a process that spans three days. We also offer seasonal and specialty breads, many of which are made with local flours. We also offer Buttermilk Paddle Bread and our made with no gluten Exceptional Loaf made with nuts and seeds.

Our sourdough menu includes:

  • Country Loaf
    Rustic yet classic sandwich loaf, creamy open interior speckled with bran. Sourdough. 38% whole wheat, sea salt, water. 75% hydration.

  • Seedy Kamut
    A sandwich bread dense with seeds! Sourdough. 15% kamut, 15% whole wheat, sea salt, water, millet, flax, poppy, toasted sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds. 75% hydration. Hearth or pullman style.

  • Whole Wheat
    Roasted and sweet flavours, with all the nutrients from fully milled wheat berries! Sourdough. 80% whole wheat, sea salt, 4% molasses, water. 80% hydration.
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  • Would love to buy your sourdough bread. Is it sold at all your stores or only on Preston street? Does it freeze well? Thank you in advance for your response.


    Lorraine McCollum

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