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Chantal Gillet, Les bergeries des sables

Chantal Gillet has provided us with gorgeous Greek style sheep’s milk yogurt since 2014. It is strained to remove its whey to produce a thick consistency that’s full of flavour. The sheep’s milk is used to make a richer yogurt that’s easier to digest, even to those with a lactose intolerance. La Bergerie des Sables is located in Curran, Ontario about 50 minutes from Ottawa in Prescott-Russell County take pride in their sustainable and environmental approach to farming. They have been producing artisanal dairy products since 2011 and their flock has grown to 110 sheep and growing.

Farmer Chantal Gillet with her sheepChantal’s passion is apparent from the moment she talks about her farm, her sheep and the yogurt and cheese products she creates. She loves sheep farming despite its demands and uncertainty. At a time when many of her friends are choosing to golf more in their middle years, Chantal is continuing to grow her farm. She even spins their wool in the evening to relax. Whatever peaks her curiosity she simply researches, figures out and does it.

We asked Chantal what it mean to be a female farmer today. She told us, “I  like it! I always needed to feel special anyway. At school I was always different. I was born in Belgium and my family traveled. I arrived in Canada when I was 14 and then with my Belgian accent. I always felt special. Down the road when I started to sheep farm I, felt special too because there are not many sheep farmers. It’s amazing to be able to be successful making yogurt and cheese from sheep’s milk in a dominant cow world. It’s awesome.

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