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Our conscious choice to offer 100% compostable packaging


Do you think twice about how your coffee and snack is packaged and presented to you? We do.

We love to hear the phrase “For Here” and we’re ready to serve your favourites in porcelain and glass. But we know you often need it “To Go” and so we’ve made conscious choices about making our packaging 100% compostable. This includes our:

  • take out cups (hot and cold)
  • straws
  • napkins
  • cutlery
  • salad and energy bowl packaging
  • sandwich wraps
  • snack sacks
  • coffee bags (once you remove the twist tie)
  • coffee pods
  • tea sachets
  • clear carry all shopping bag

There are a couple of exceptions to this list of compostable packaging. For example, our lid for hot cups and soups is recyclable to provide a tighter seal to avoid leaks. Our tea and bulk coffee are packaged in high barrier bags to provide an oil-resistant barrier and to maintain quality over longer periods of time.

There’s one phrase that sounds even sweeter to us than “For Here” and that’s “Own Mug.” When you bring your own mug, we fill it up and you reap the rewards. You save $.27 each time you refill it. If you don’t already have a favourite mug, then pick up one of our travelers. You'll receive a free drink on us with your purchase. Our travelers keep your drinks hot or cold all day long.

If you have suggestions on how we can minimize our environmental footprint, let us know. We aim to provide excellent quality and service to our customers in a way that sustains our community and environment.


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