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Introducing our Peruvian Coffees for 2017

Celebrate with kombucha

The satisfying taste of Bridgehead coffee is the result of a year-round collaboration with farmers and traders to bring you exceptional coffees. Our coffee team is always working on the next season of coffees, anticipating the results of upcoming harvests and coordinating with our partners to make sure our green coffees are both distinguished and delicious.

This March our coffee team spent over a month in Central America working directly with producers, building almost all of the coffees that we will be drinking when these coffees are fresh in season, between July and January. The result of this work is greatly improved quality well above and beyond what is ordinarily imported into Canada. Through this process we also achieve full traceability in our sourcing - right down to the two hectare family farm where the coffee is grown.

Our Peruvian coffees for 2017 are the result of similar work. In September 2016 our Director of Coffee, Ian Clark, spent two weeks in Northern Peru developing new relationships and collaborating with farmers and traders to ensure that we are getting something exceptional back here in Ottawa.

Peru is an important coffee origin for us because of the very large number of small-scale, organic farmers living in microclimates suitable for the production of great coffee. We buy our coffee in the northern highlands of Peru from producers living in many small mountain villages between the cities of Jaén and San Ignacio.

To learn more about these exceptional coffees and to learn the story of how they found there way from small mountain-top villages like Chirinos, El Corazon de Jesus and El Milagro to our roastery in Ottawa, check out our two YouTube series on Peru 2017!

Peru Fresh Crop 2017 (Playlist - 4 videos)

Peru Origin Trip 2016 (Playlist - 5 videos)

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April 06, 2017

  • Very cool! I loved learning about the specific villages and farmers who produce these coffees. That is definitely Bridgehead’s unique quality – feeling connected to the coffee growing communities! Thanks so much for putting the effort into sharing these videos. I’ll be buying one of the Peruvian coffees on my next visit to Bridgehead.

    Posted by Ali on April 13, 2017

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