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Meet Brian Jess, Go Greens

Inside of a greenhouse at Go GreensBrian Jess and his sons are the farmers behind Go Greens in Brudenell, Ontario just west of Ottawa. For the past nine years they have provide the gorgeous collection of greens and herbs you see in our seasonal salad. If you exploded one of our seasonal salads, you would see 30 to 40 different greens and herbs in many shades of green, pink and purple. This beautiful display includes several types of kale and spinach, claytona, cress, sweet sicily, cooking greens, tarragon, dill, several edible flowers to name a few. Brian and sons have created a self-sufficient farm that uses organic methods and careful crop management. They use raised beds with natural compost and mulch. They have created hooped tents to keep insects down so there are no holes in these organic greens.

Famers at Go GreensAn artesian well keeps them beautifully hydrated.The next time you enjoy one of our seasonal salads, take a moment to examine the different shapes, colours and flavours. Take a moment to think of the care and attention that Brian Jess and his sons put into growing these beautiful greens and herbs.

Go Greens farm

August 02, 2018


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