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Meet Ramon Pablo

We have been working with Ramon Pablo for 4 years now, and it has been great to see him more than quadruple his yields while maintaining the quality of his coffee. We originally found Ramon’s coffee through the annual cupping competition that we attend at CODECH in Guatemala, and after he placed first two years in a row we knew he was a special producer.

Producer Ramon Pablo with Bridgehead's Cliff HansenWe began working with him outside the competition and seeing his farm flourish. I had asked him last year how he had doubled his production and he told me that he had been able to replant the older section of his farm because of the higher prices he was getting. This year we also learned that he is a model farmer showing other community members how to have diversified crops to promote increased food security and cash crops.

This year his crop, along with much of the other farmers at CODECH, was hit by severe windstorms that damaged the trees, reduced yields, and lowered the quality of the coffee on the affected trees, however through hard work and excellent farming practices he was able to minimize the damage to his crops and keep the exceptionally high quality we are used to from him. When I asked him about it this year he told me that sometimes that is what happens, you can’t control the weather but he was working hard to make sure his coffee and his farm wasn’t too badly impacted and that he really appreciated having partners to work through it with

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