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Guatemala ~ Our Fruitful Relationship with CODECH Farmers

We have been working with CODECH in Huehuetenango, Guatemala since we started roasting 7 years ago. We visit them each year to take part in their cupping competition and to visit farms that we buy from. The care and attention of these dedicated farmers shows in the quality of their coffees. They are consistently phenomenal with big fruit flavour, dense creamy body, and caramel-like sweetness.

The cupping competition allows each farmer to submit a sample which is judged by an international panel of judges. The winners receive an additional premium for their coffee. The competition has also been the pathway for many producers to develop relationships with buyers. We have created exclusive buying relationships with several farmers at CODECH, purchasing their entire lots of coffee and working with them each year to improve quality and pricing for their coffee.

CODECH has worked not only to help farmers increase the production and quality of their coffee, but has also increased access to market for them. CODECH has helped its members to find a sustainable livelihood in coffee. Meet two of our favourite CODECH farmers.


This is our 5th year working with Ramon Pablo, and it is very exciting to see that his yields have more than doubled during this time. When we began working with him, he produced about 17 bags of coffee annually and he had already won the CODECH cupping competition 2 years in a row. Since then he has kept his quality high while producing 45 bags each year. Ramon’s ability to improve output dramatically while maintaining quality is a testament to his incredible farming skills and dedication. He also works with USC, a Canadian NGO, to preserve heritage seeds in the region and teaches other local communities how to improve their organic agricultural practices.  



We began working with Anita Ramirez last year when she placed second in the CODECH cupping competition and we divided her coffee among several other buyers. Six years ago, Anita began working to improve quality as a sustainable way forward for her coffee farm. Better quality coffee receives a better price. It has now come to fruition – she produces phenomenal coffee and has grown her farm from less than 1 hectare to just over 2 hectares. This year we are proud to be the exclusive buyer of Anita’s coffee this year.

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