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Choosing the right coffee gear

Choosing the right coffee gear

Thinking of purchasing gear for the coffee lover in your life? Consider a manual pour over method. It is inexpensive and with great coffee and the right brew recipe, it can be very easy to brew world class coffee at home.

We’ve put together a quick comparison list of manual brewing methods. Visit our coffee gear section to purchase scales, grinders or any of these brew methods.


"A beautiful brewer producing perfect coffee, if you pay attention to the details" 


The Chemex is pleasing to the eye and very capable of brewing excellent coffee. By following our simple brewing guide it can be both delightful to look at and delightful in the cup. Good for making one to two cups of coffee at a time. Best for light to medium roasts – if thick body and big, intense roast flavour is your dream the Kalita is probably a better choice.


  • It looks beautiful – fellow kitchen users with less of a vested interest in coffee making will enjoy its presence
  • Very thick filters that produce a super clean cup, making it a great choice for light to medium roasted coffees where flavour clarity, origin character, sweetness and acidity are prized
  • It is inexpensive


"Easy, compact and consistently produces great results" 


The Kalita produces less coffee than the chemex and is more functional in its appearance than it is elegant, but it is much harder to accidentally make a bad cup with the Kalita and you get more body and sweetness thanks to the thinner filters.

Good for making two small cups at a time or one large cup for yourself. Good for all coffee types and produces really excellent, well balanced coffee.


  • The combination of a thin filter and drainage that is restricted by three small and well-positioned holes at the bottom of the filter allow the Kalita to brew extremely consistent and tasty coffee.
  • The brewer is very compact and easy to clean.
  • It is inexpensive


"Perfect for portable brewing or a quick, strong and consistent small cup at home" 


The Aeropress is one of the more unexpected and successful industrial side projects in recent history – from the makers of the popular flying rings comes a wildly popular portable brewer that is the go-to brew method for both coffee buyers travelling in the coffeelands and home enthusiasts who want a small, strong and delightful cup without much fuss. The Aeropress makes one small cup at a time. It yields a good balance between flavour clarity and body and is very consistent.


  • The compact size makes it excellent for travel, camping and single cup preparation at home
  • Most brew recipes for aeropress result in a strong cup, offering ample body while retaining good flavour clarity.
  • It’s fast, fun and you can make it upside down to show your friends how clever you are


"Looks like a machine from a Jules Verne novel, a 19th-century vision of the future." -- The New York Times


If the idea of making an Aeropress upside down doesn’t satisfy your dreams of a holiday coffee brewing spectacle, the siphon is probably just the ticket. It is a full immersion brew system that uses a constant heat source to boil the water in the lower chamber, converting it to water vapour and forcing the brewing water up into the upper chamber where the coffee grounds are steeped. After brewing the lower chamber is cooled, creating a vacuum that forces the brewed coffee back down through a filter.

The Siphon is perfect for someone who really wants to have some fun and take their time with their coffee brewing. It is the most challenging of the home brew methods but it is also the most impressive, making it a device that true home coffee hobbyists yearn for.


  • It looks really cool and is a lot of fun to watch it being made.
  • It can make a great cup of coffee if you pay attention to the details, offering a good balance of body and flavour clarity that makes the siphon good for all types of coffee.
  • You can use either a re-usable cloth filter or single use paper filters.

If you have questions or need assistance in making your brew method choice, we are ready to help!

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