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The exceptional growers of Cielito Lindo, Honduras

Cielito Lindo comes from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. It is a cooperative that we have been working with for several years. Cielito Lindo produces exceptional coffees with the help of Beneficio San Vicente, which is a dry mill that has focused on increasing and promoting speciality coffee coming from Honduras.


The farmers of Cielito Lindo also have a burgeoning microlot program that allows them to get even higher prices for their coffee. This year we have started working with one of the community leaders, Heyvis Sagastume, through the microlot program. 


We met the Sagastume family last year, however their new farm was not in production yet. We tasted Heyvis’s first harvest from his farm named La Aguja (The Needle), and it blew us away. The harvest is made up of the Honduran varietal of coffee named Parainema, which is known both for its ability to resist pests and for its exceptionally high quality in the right conditions. Heyvis’s coffee showcases the ability of this varietal for exceptional quality with flavours of chocolate fondue, strawberry and melon.


The Sagastume family also acts as a collection point for the coffee from other Cielito Lindo producers. The father, Pedro was one of the early members of the co-op, and the family continues to take great pride in working with the other members of Cielito Lindo to help them continually improve their growing, harvesting, and processing techniques.


We are incredibly excited to be deepening our relationship with Cielito Lindo and to be starting a relationship with this exceptional coffee producing family.

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