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Year in review 2018: The Value of Exceptional Coffee

Thank you for supporting small-scale coffee farmers this year and for supporting our pursuit of exceptional coffee. We want to share a few highlights that we're proud of and that we know are important reasons for making Bridgehead your coffee.

Transparent partnerships and exceptional coffee 100% of our coffee is grown by small-scale producer groups that are owned and operated by family farmers.  100% of our coffee is fully traceable to the producer association that grew it. We try to work as closely as possible with the farmers that grow our coffee in order to build strong partnerships. In 2018, 67% of our coffee came from farmers that we work with directly and visit annually. We're hoping to bring this number up to 85% in 2019, thanks to a very exciting new partnership that we forged this year in Colombia. 

Established relationships  We have worked with many of the same farming families for several years. In 2018, we featured repeat harvests from Ramon Pablo (4th harvest together, Guatemala), Rommel Melghem (4th harvest together, Honduras), Oscar Omar Alonzo (2nd harvest together, Honduras), Efraín Carhallocllo (4th harvest together, Peru), and Patricio Saucedo (2nd harvest together, Peru). 

New relationships  We also worked with many new farms this year -- notably the stunning coffees of the Women of HueHue (Anita Ramirez Perez, Rosenda Isabel Vargas, Maria Ramirez Marcos, Isabella Marcos, Maria Domingo) and the Women of Marcala (Maria Aurora Perez, Esther Chavez, María Regina García, Daysi Victoria Romero, Catalina Rodriguez, Rosa Elia Marquez, Cora Leticia Lardizabal,  Sandra García Nicolás ). We look forward to featuring these coffees again next year and we're keeping our fingers crossed for another successful harvest for them!

Valuing the effort of growing exceptional coffee We understand the effort it takes to grow very high-quality coffee sustainably. Rewards to farmers for these efforts are added as premiums to the base market price that fluctuates with the market. We pay premiums to support fair minimum prices when the market price dips below the cost of production. We also pay premiums to reward environmentally sustainable agriculture and exceptionally high-quality green coffee. Our best estimate of the additional revenue gained by farmers by selling our coffee into this premium market rather than the conventional market puts it at about $430,000 for 2018. These premiums reflect the true value of our coffee and the effort it takes to grow it.

Thank you to our coffee partners at origin and for many other hands all along the value chain that help to bring you exceptional coffee. We are looking forward to serving up many more delicious cups in 2019!


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