Bukonzo Joint Cooperative

A celebrated success story of building gender equality and exceptional quality in the Rwenzori Mountains

Sweet and creamy with vanilla, black tea and cola nut

Who Grows It
Why It's Exceptional
What It Tastes Like
Who Grows It
This coffee was produced by the smallholders of the Buthale and Kabingo micro washing stations in the Rwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda, harvested between December 2018 and February 2019. Scroll through the journey of this coffee from Uganda to Ottawa below.

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Uganda Bukonzo Joint Cooperative
Why It's Exceptional
The producers and supply partners behind this coffee have been awarded international sustainability awards for their work elevating the quality of Bukonzo Joint's coffee and bringing it to market at higher prices while successfully resolving difficult power inequalities in the producing communities through Gender Action Learning Systems.

What It Tastes Like
Taste Caramel sweetness with mild chocolate bitters and soft acidity
Aromas Bold sugar browning aromas make for an intense and satisfying cup, with black tea and vanilla.
Body Full, creamy and very smooth
Origin Kyarumba, Kesese District, Uganda
Producer The Farmers of Buthale and Kabingo Washing Stations, members of Bukonzo Joint Cooperative
Roast Full Medium
Flavour Sweet and creamy with vanilla, black tea and cola nut
Harvest December 2018 - February 2019
Varieties SL 14, SL 28 and Nyasaland
Altitude 1400 - 2000 meters above sea level
ICO# #0035/0282/0143

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