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Heyvis Sagastume: Washed Parainema

This coffee is produced by Heyvis Sagastume, and is a single varietal of coffee, parainema, that comes from Honduras. It's known for it's unique acidity and flavour profile, and we are excited to be able share it as a single varietal lot.

Heyvis is a leader in his local community, with his family, the Sagastumes, being long time community leaders inside the Cielito Lindo Cooperative. Heyvis uses his farm, La Aguja, as an experimental site focused on varietal specific coffees and different processing methods.

Taste rich caramel sweetness, with a mild melon acidity
Aromas melon and caramel
Body creamy and dense
Origin Santa Bárbara, Honduras
Producer Heyvis Sagastume
Roast Medium - Caramel and Smooth
Flavour Rich and Satisfying, with notes of caramel and melon
Harvest March 2021 - May 2021
Varieties Parainema
Altitude 1800 meters above sea level

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