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This subscription will send you a delivery of freshly roasted coffee! You can add additional subscriptions to your recurring order for a variety of coffee or package sizes. All of our coffees are Fairtrade, organic, and shade-grown.

Roaster's Pick choices are selected to bring you the best of our single origin coffees whether medium or dark roast. Our single origin coffees are roasted with beans from only one co-op or growing region which allows particular tastes and flavours from that growing region to shine through in a way that blends from different regions can't.

Roaster's Pick: Cielito Lindo Santa Barbara

This coffee is grown at a high altitude and has depth of flavour and character that is indicative of the Santa Bárbara region of Honduras. It is an exceptional every day coffee that has a satisfying flavour that can stand up to milk or cream.

This is our second time working with Cielito Lindo Co-op and Beneficio San Vicente (BSV) from Santa Bárbara, Honduras, and we are looking forward to building a deeper relationship with them. BSV has focused on promoting high quality coffee and improving the quality of the coffee of the farmers they work with in the Santa Bárbara region, improving the price farmers in the region receive and promoting organic practices for further price increase. 

Tasting notes:  Caramel ~ Toasted Almond ~ Baked Apple

Association:  Cielito Lindo

Country: Honduras

Regular price $15.00

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