ASOCAFE, Taipiplaya, Bolivia

The Taipiplaya Coffee Farmer’s Association – ASOCAFE – is situated in the town of Amor de Dios in Taipiplaya, a small region within the Nor Yungas province of the La Paz department. While the communities that grow this coffee are located within 150 miles of the capital city of Bolivia, the mountainous terrain surrounding the Yungas tropical valleys where they live has kept them largely isolated. The infamous “road of death”, the Nor Yungas Road, featuring steep cliffs, muddy roads and a lack of guard rails, was formerly the only route into the area. It was replaced in 2006, giving the primarily Aymara inhabitants of the region better access to the capital city and to export markets.

The Association’s coffee is a mixture of centrally washed and sun dried Typica and Caturra. Cultivation takes place on approximately 300 small family farms with altitudes reaching 1800 meters. The community has seen tremendous success in achieving high quality yields recently, winning positions in the Bolivian Cup of Excellence auctions and developing direct relationships with quality oriented buyers. The cup profile is extremely clean and sweet, with a moderate juicy acidity and mild aromas of dried fruits, honey and roasted nuts.

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