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CECOVASA, Puno, Peru


CECOVASA, or the Central Agricultural Cooperative of the Sandia Valleys, is a union of five cooperatives located in the Sandia Province of Puno District in the Southern Andes Mountains, North of Lake Titicaca. This particular coffee comes from a small region called Quiquira, farmed on the Andean slopes surrounding the town of San Pedro de Putina Punco.


The remoteness of this coffee is matched only by its quality, which is superb. Grown by Quechua small-scale farmers at 1450 to 1800 meters, Quiquira coffee fully washed and sun dried yielding a taste that is sweet and clean while featuring elegant caramel and floral aromas. It is exceptional as a single origin for drip and espresso, making it something we look forward to each Peruvian season.