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Kombucha (on tap)
Specialty Toast
Pour Over
Beer (on tap)
130 Anderson St. (at Preston St.)
1024 Wellington St. (at Fairmont Ave.)
224 Dalhousie St. (at Guigues Ave.)
1277 Wellington St. (at Caroline Ave.) 
282 Elgin St. (at MacLaren St.)
2745 Iris St. (at Greenbank St.)
4027 Innes Rd. (at Jeanne D'arc Blvd.)
2140 Carling Ave. (at Fairlawn Plaza)
1437 Ogilvie Rd. (at Bathgate Dr.)
50 Rideau St. (at Rideau Centre)
Kombucha (on tap)
Specialty Toast
Pour Over
Beer (on tap)
151 O'Connor St. (at Slater St.)
109 Bank St. (at Albert St.)
362 Richmond Rd. (near Churchill Ave.)
366 Bank St. (at Gilmour St.)
440 Richmond Rd. (at Golden Ave.)
750 Bank St. (at Second Ave.)
96 Sparks St. (at Metcalfe St.)
1172 Bank St. (at Grove Ave.)
344 Slater St. (between Kent & Lyon)
131 Beechwood Ave. (at Putman)

A list of our upcoming locations is also available.


130 Anderson St. (at Preston St.)

Ottawa, ON K1R 6T7
Ph 1.613.233.1221
Fax 613.232.1905
Monday to Sunday 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Roasting Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Subject to change without notice.

Customer Service

130 Anderson St. (at Preston St.)
Ottawa, ON  K1R 6T7
Ph. 1.613.231.5488
Fax 1.613.231.2106


Welcome to Bridgehead - your neighbourhood hub, your creativity incubator, your motivation to leave the warm comfort of your bed in the morning! Let us take care of you. Our baristas know that fresh coffee is important when preparing delicious espresso, but they also know that the right grind, water temperature, and pressure are equally important to ensuring a sweet, complex, and well-balanced shot. The barista’s craft helps to deliver on the promise of quality that begins with the grower. Taste our craft in every cup.