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Fairtrade Certification

All of our coffees, teas, sugar and chocolate bars are Fairtrade Certified (Fairtrade Canada) and organic certified (OCIA). The Fairtrade logo is your independent guarantee that the product has been independently verified to meet credible Fair Trade standards.. It stands for fairness and global social responsibility in international trade. Buying Fairtrade Certified products helps make the world a better place by paying farmers and workers in developing countries a fair price. 

Third-party certification can be debated, as it is both a cost for farmers and an administrative burden, with a nominal benefit at best in terms of income.  However, third party certification systems which provide for traceability all the way along the chain of custody, remain the best assurance for both coffee drinkers and farmers alike with respect to the price that was paid, and confirmation of the conditions under which a coffee was grown. We support the evolution of third party certification systems to be more farmer friendly, such as by shared inspections or use of emerging technologies. 

Fairtrade certification begins with producers - usually democratic associations of small-scale farmers who grow the raw ingredients in Fairtrade certified products. Producers have to meet a variety of criteria that focus on a range of areas including labour standards, sustainable farming, governance, and democratic participati

Producers are regularly checked by FLO-Cert, an independent certification body owned by Fairtrade International, which conducts on-site audits to ensure producers continue to meet Fairtrade standards.

Companies that buy products from Fairtrade certified producer organizations must also adhere to strict standards, regularly report, and submit to on-site audits. These standards focus on the terms of trade - specifically they spell out the minimum prices that can be paid to producers, the expectation for longer-term contracts, and the requirement to provide up to 60% of the value of a contract in advance should the producers request.

These companies are also audited to ensure the Fairtrade certified products they sell to their customers match the Fairtrade certified products they purchase from producers, as are companies further along the supply chain who don't deal directly with producers.

The Fairtrade Mark appears on products that have been independently verified to meet credible Fairtrade standards. If those companies are located outside of Canada, they report to and are audited by FLO-Cert or to one of Fairtrade Canada's sister organizations. Canadian licensees sign an agreement obliging them to report their purchases, processing and sales of anything that has been certified as Fairtrade. They are also required to open their books to Fairtrade Canada when they conduct on-site audits.­­­­

Learn more about Fairtrade Certified products in Canada, and about the rigorous system of global commerce that’s behind the logo by visiting

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