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Grower community (cocoa)


La Cooperativa Agroindustrial Tocache in north western Peru have made major improvements as cocoa growers to living conditions in their region thanks to international recognition and financial support from the international community and are very proud of their achievements so far.

Tocache celebrates 25 years of cocoa production located in the North western state of San Martin Peru bordering the Amazon rain forest where Criolo cocoa is indigenous and known to grow wild. They have grown steadily with 160 tons of cocoa beans exported in 2008, 700 tons in 2009 and more than 800 tons of cocoa beans in 2010. The Tocache cooperative has 600 members and 23 committed farmers.

Tocache agribusiness cooperative won the top International award for best cocoa at the 15th Salon du Chocolat in Paris in October 2009 which involved 152 entries of which 5 were from Peru.  All 5 Peruvian cocoa entries won awards in different categories.   The organization’s president, Mr. Acosta, says their success at the “Salon du Chocolat in Paris” has helped them to succeed and promote their business internationally.  

The president wants everyone to know that fair working conditions and improved infrastructure is being achieved successfully through international trade  experiences based on legal farming production with no need for the farming of illicit crops. The society of Tocache agribusiness cooperative believe they are reaching higher standards of living for themselves and their families on a basis of organization that will endure over time.