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Nicaraguan Fundraiser to Support Coffee Farmers

November 2010 - April 2011

The Nicaraguan Grower’s Blend was a fundraiser blend that raised money for two great projects for our Nicaraguan growing co-ops. These projects will continue to grow and develop throughout the coming years.
The first project was at the Zacarias Padilla cooperative.   Bridgehead’s donation helped improve their wet mill system by repairing the water piping and waste water management system. The goal was also to double the size of their on-site drying patio to improve consistency and to give them a greater ability to control coffee quality.
As of last month, they have reached 40% of their goal for the wet mill project and have even reinforced the water receiving pool with new tiles so there will be no more leakage and lost water. As of yet, they have not expanded their concrete drying patio and instead are opting to create raised drying beds for the coffee to dry on. This will be a cheaper project then they had planned originally and, because the beds will be raised and cascaded, it will also be a better use of space.
The money raised also went towards the Jose Alfredo Zeledon co-op and was meant to improve coffee production through the use of Bokashi, a type of organic fertilizer created though anaerobic fermentation. So far, the first year of production was successful with an increase of 40-50% in coffee production. The number of members of the co-op also rose from 90 to 130, making it a busy year all around for this co-op!


Growing up Organic Blend Sows More Seeds

April 2010 – September 2010

The previous year’s Growing up Organic fundraising initiative successfully raised $7000 and numerous volunteer hours, which supported the construction of organic vegetable gardens at seven Ottawa schools. It was such a delicious blend and successful initiative, Bridgehead has decided to support Growing Up Organic for another year with $2 from every pound sold of the Growing Up Organic Blend going towards the program. 


Ecuadorian Growers Blend for Cupping Lab

November 2009 – March 2010

In Ecuador we worked with FAPECAFES cooperative who wanted to improve the quality of their coffee. An essential tool is a well-equipped cupping lab which allows growers to taste the difference in coffee that has been carefully grown, harvested and processed. To support this initiative, Bridgehead created the Ecuadorian Growers Blend, a rich pairing of our Ecuadorian and Costa Rican Cloudforest coffees. Bridgehead donated $2 from every pound to the FAPECAFES Cupping Lab Project. The cooperative used these funds to purchase a new sample roaster and commercial grade grinder with proper cupping and quality control tools for their cupping lab. FAPECAFES stands for “The Federacion Regional de Asociaciones de Pequeños Cafetaleros Ecológicos del Sur del Ecuador”. Bridgehead raised $7,000 to donate to the cupping lab project.

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