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Permata Gayo, Aceh, Sumatra

Permata Gayo is a cooperative with a membership of over 3,000 small-scale farmers each cultivating on average just over 1 hectare of land.  They are located in the Bener Meriah region of Aceh in northern Sumatra.

Sumatra coffee is highly sought after for its unique earthy-fruity aromatic profile that is particularly well suited to dark roasting.  The character of this coffee is largely the result of an unusual practice that involves transporting the coffee from remote collection centres to central hulling centres where the coffee is fully removed from its protective parchment at a higher moisture level than is typical in the rest of the world.  This exposure and difficult transportation process would be seen as highly problematic elsewhere but counter-intuitively increases the value of Sumatra coffee due to the unique profile it results in. 

Permata Gayo produces a range of coffees, largely with this classic profile but with a slightly cleaner fruit aroma than is standard for the country's speciality export grade coffee. 


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