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Our Coffee Craft

Coffee arrives at our Preston Street Roastery as a raw material.  Fresh “off harvest” the coffee lands on our doorstep as “green coffee” - hard, dense seeds full of the potential for delightful aromas, tastes and textures.

Our roasters are experienced baristas and cuppers with a deep understanding of quality and a dedication to discovering the greatest potential in each coffee we source.  They deploy a precise mixture of heat and time uniquely developed for each green coffee in order to carefully transform the basic stuff of life found in these seeds - sugars, proteins and fruit acids - into sweet, silky coffees with beautiful aromas of caramel, roasted nuts, vanilla, fruits, berries and flowers.

 After coffee is roasted it will only retain its best qualities for the first couple of weeks.  No use of sophisticated packaging or vacuum sealing can effectively prevent the loss of quality that occurs after this time.  We work to ensure your access to the freshest, tastiest coffee possible by roasting, packaging and shipping to our coffeehouses on a daily basis.