Triunfo Verde, Chiapas, Mexico

The Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is a large, protected forest in the southwestern Chiapas, far in the South of Mexico and not far from the Guatemalan border. Within this reserve and in the surrounding highlands many small-scale farmers of Mayan descent grow some of the best coffees in Mexico due to the high altitudes of the area which contribute to stable and low year-round temperatures.

Triunfo Verde is a cooperative of approximately 350 members within and surrounding the reserve who stand out due to their innovative approach to quality and their competitive spirit. The coop is based in Jaltenango, several hours East of the growing regions in higher temperature lowlands. Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo, Caturra and Arabe are common varieties grown by the members. Coffee is harvested, pulped and dried on small farms in the growing regions and transported to Jaltenango for quality evaluation, milling and export. The coffee tends to have a good mixture of lime and apple acidity with aromas resembling roasted nuts, baked apple and honey.

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