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UCA San Juan del Rio Coco, Madriz, Nicaragua

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is a union of eight smaller cooperatives with a total membership of 370 small coffee producers from the highlands surrounding the town of San Juan del Rio Coco in Northern Nicaragua.  The cooperative produces a top quality washed Nicaraguan coffee, which typically features nutty and black-tea like aromas with creamy texture that makes it versatile and delicious across a range of roasting uses.

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is one of only several cooperatives in Latin America that is actively able to segregate the production of their membership into high quality microlots that can be sorted for quality and sold for higher prices to roasters like Bridghead that are looking for superior quality coffees.  In 2013, Bridgehead purchased a full container of UCA SJdRC coffee comprised of several of these microlots including a large quantity that was decaffeinated at Mountain Water Decaf in Veracruz, Mexico.