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Image showing where coffee and tea wholesale pages are found.

If your account is registered as a wholesale customer account, you have access to discounted pricing on our coffees and teas. In order to access these items at your wholesale rate, please first login using our store login page.

After logging in you will be able to access our wholesale categories. To do this, click on "Shop" in the main navigation bar, and then look at the bottom of the categories for "coffee ~ wholesale" and "tea ~ wholesale", as seen in the image to the right.

You will then see a collection of all available coffees or teas. To narrow your search to a category like medium roast, microlot, black tea, etc., please do not use the links under "Shop". Instead, after you have navigated to the "~ wholesale" collection you wish to buy from, use the category links underneath the collection heading as seen below. A category with a "~" symbol after it indicates that it is a collection of wholesale-priced items.

After adding the desired items to your cart, click on "Cart (X)" at the top or right-hand side of the page. When on this Cart page, click on the "Shopping Cart (X)" link heading to bring up a full list of your order. For each of your items you wish to purchase at wholesale price, please ensure there is a "~" symbol to the right of the name of the product. Products with this symbol have the wholesale price, as seen below:

Checkout with tilda symbols

If you see any items without this symbol, please remove it from your cart, return to the "~ wholesale" page of the product, locate the wholesale version with the "~" symbol in the product title, then add it to your cart. The checkout proceeds proceeds as normal after going to Checkout. If you will require an invoice, please ensure that a correct billing address is provided in addition to the shipping address if they are different.

If you have any questions about ordering, please feel free to contact inquire@bridgehead.ca or call 1-(800)-565-8563.

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