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¡Buenas! Medium Dark Coffee Pods

Rich | Smooth | Caramel | Cocoa

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Buenas! is inspired by the common morning greeting of Latin America – which translates to best wishes for a good morning and a great start to your day. It's a medium dark roast, which means that it's a well-developed coffee with lots of great, familiar medium roast flavours and as much body as we could develop without smoky flavours and bitterness.

It's possible to make a coffee pod that tastes great!

After extensive research, we were able to produce a must-try coffee pod. We pack our pods to the max with specialty-grade coffee. We then roast it using modern techniques to bring out great flavour. When you use a Bridgehead coffee pod, you know you’re getting an exceptional coffee.

You get 20 pods per box. We recommend brewing any K-Cups on the "small" cup setting on your machine just to get a more ideal ratio of coffee to water for the most flavourful and satisfying cup


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Type: Blend
Roast Level:
Flavour: Rich | Smooth | Caramel | Cocoa

Suggested Brew Methods:

  • Keurig


  • Colombia



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