Cual Bicicleta Honey

We have been working with COMSA for 4 years, working with many different producers within it. We started working directly with Oscar last year for a single coffee and now will be offering two separate coffees from him.

COMSA produces many excellent coffees each year, and Oscar is one of their leading farmers in terms of both yield and quality. Very active crop management and lots of attention to detail make Oscar both a phenomenal farmer and a phenomenal teacher to other farmers. This allows him to produce a delicious coffee with the often quite temperamental honey processing method.

COMSA is part of many initiatives to promote sustainability in Honduras. They have started their own recycling centre, they practice agro-ecological organic farming to respect and preserve the soil, and they invest in the future with a comprehensive school for the community.

Caramel & Smooth ~ Medium

Tasting notes:  Caramel, molasses, toffee, vanilla

Association: COMSA

Country: Honduras

Region: Chinacla, La Paz

Regular price $17.00

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