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Decaf Medium Subscription

This subscription will send you a delivery of organically decaffeinated, freshly medium-roasted coffee beans every month, or every three, six, or twelve (3, 6, or 12) months to your home or local Bridgehead! Your subscription can include any number or combination of 12 Oz., 2 Lb., 5 Lb., or 7 Lb. packages of coffee and can be combined with other subscription types. All of our coffees are Fairtrade, organic, and shade-grown.

Decaf Medium Blend: Darn Tasty Decaf

Decafs often get the shaft. Not so at Bridgehead, where we want people to be proud of their choice of a “Darn Tasty” decaf – full of flavour and proud of it! We carefully select fresh green coffees for water processed decaffeination and roast them in season to provide a sweet, full flavoured and delicious decaf that outperforms many of the non-decaffeinated coffees available to today’s coffee drinker. Enjoy with pride!

Current composition: Mexico

Tasting notes: Full of flavour and proud of it, water processed for caffeine free delight.