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Efrain Carhuallocllo: Peruvian Select Farm

This is the third time we have purchased coffee from Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador and Maria Flor Vasquez. They run a 2.5 hectare farm in Chirinos where this coffee comes from and it routinely places in the top 3 at the Jaén regional coffee competition. Efrain and Maria’s coffee always scores very high, offering more body and flavour than typical coffees of the region. Their coffee often features the dried fruit aromas that separate the best coffees of Northern Peru from the rest.

This is an organic farm and is a great example of how farm investment can lead to greater economic opportunity. They routinely sell their coffee for far greater than market prices and Efrain’s association is working on expanding members’ yields and farm size to achieve greater prosperity.

Tasting notes: sugar cane, vanilla, dried fruit


Country: Peru

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca

Producer: Efrain Carhuallocllo

Elevation: 1800 metres above sea level