Gees Bees Buckwheat Honey - 500g

Product image 1Gees Bees Buckwheat Honey - 500g
Product image 2Gees Bees Buckwheat Honey - 500g

Buckwheat honey is produced by bees collecting nectar from the flowers of the buckwheat plant. an ancient grain crop used by organic farmers to enrich the soil. Dark amber to deep mahogany, buckwheat honey is characteristically earthy, with notes of malt, chocolate and black cherries. It is higher in antioxidants than lighter honey.


100% Pure Unpasteurized Honey 

Harvested in Quebec

Ontario. No.1 Dark ~ 500g


Buckwheat honey pairs well with hardy Stilton cheese. To soothe an evening chill, stir a spoonful of buckwheat honey into a mug of steeped water with lemon, with a splash of dark rum.

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