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Pedro Melghem: Honey Process

Pedro Melghem is a farmer we have bought coffee from for several years in a row. He has a small farm just up the hill from COMSA’s experimental farm, Finca La Fortaleza, outside of Marcala, Honduras. In past years we have bought his wet processed coffee, but this year he produced a honey -- coffee that is depulped after being picked and then left to dry in its sticky, sugar-dense mucilage. This can sometimes results in interesting fruity flavour and enhanced body. Pedro’s honey was interesting enough that we thought we would pick it up to contract with his brothers’ wet processed (Demetrio) and natural processed (Rommel) coffees.

Tasting notes: caramel ~ roasted nuts ~ dried fruit

Association: COMSA

Country: Honduras

Region: Marcala, La Paz

Producer: Pedro Melghem

Elevation: 1,400 - 1,800 metres above sea level.