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Peru: Apu del Norte

This coffee is produced by CENFROCAFE, a very large and sophisticated cooperative based in Jaén that we have bought coffee from every year since 2012. Apu can either mean a wise elder, or more traditionally for the descendants of the Inca it refers to a ‘mountain spirit’. There are mountains throughout Peru that are known as “Apus” where people go to pray to the mountain spirits.

CENFROCAFE’s lab cups all lots from their farmers that meet a certain minimum defect requirement. Any coffee that scores above 84 (our minimum score) is put into the Apu program for their highest quality full-container lots. Then we cup a few options to find the best of the best!

CENFROCAFE is working hard towards improving farmer productivity, with a goal of each member yielding roughly double the regional average per hectare and helping members acquire more land - both of these will translate into greater farmer prosperity.

Tasting notes: dark chocolate ~ toasted nuts


Country: Peru

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca