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Peru: Best of El Milagro

This coffee is produced by the El Milagro cooperative, an association of about 70 small producers in village of El Milagro ('The Miracle' in Spanish), in the department of San Ignacio. This is our first year buying from them and we are aiming to be their principal buyer of high quality coffee. The village is very remote, located in the mountains near the Ecuadorian border and is only accessible by raft.

In September 2016 we visited El Milagro and tasted dozens of coffees from their village warehouse. We discovered many of exceptional quality and blended them into a larger, very high quality lot. By collaborating directly with them we have built a very rare and remarkable quality coffee. El Milagro is both organic and fairtrade certified and they are pursuing higher revenues from these certifications in addition to higher prices for high quality coffee.

Tasting notes: caramel ~ vanilla ~ bourbon barrel


Country: Peru

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca