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Ramon Pablo Winter Espresso

We are now developing a tradition of offering a new roast profile of Ramon Pablo’s coffee for the holiday season! This is a washed coffee produced by Ramon Pablo, one of our favourite farmers in the world. We are the exclusive buyer of his coffee and have been buying his coffee since 2014.

This roast profile on this coffee has been modified from the drip profile to delivery a satisfying and cozy espresso shot for the winter season. On its own offers a very creamy body and an energetic amount of acidity thanks to its very high altitude growing conditions. In milk it’s soothing and comforting - toasty, buttery and caramelly.

Tasting notes: vibrant ~ caramel ~ stone fruit


Country: Guatemala

Region: Concepcion Huista, Huehuetenango

Producer: Ramon Pablo

Elevation: 2000 metres above sea level