Rommel Melghem

Marcala Natural

A delightful natural processed coffee expertly produced by one of our longest standing producer relationships

Syrupy and dense with flavours of strawberry and almond

Who Grows It
Why It's Exceptional
What It Tastes Like
Who Grows It
One of the best producers of natural processed coffees returns to our fall lineup with a delightful and impeccably balanced, fruit-forward cup. Explore the content below to learn more about the story behind this coffee's journey from Honduras to Ottawa!

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Rommel Melghem: Marcala Natural
Why It's Exceptional
Each year at the time of the Central American coffee harvest we try to select coffees to include in our holiday Merrymaker blend. The ideal components can be combined along with some roasting techniques to yield a sweet, savoury cup reminiscent of holiday desserts and cozy times. Both of these coffees are produced on organic farms and are among the highest quality coffees that we buy throughout the year.

What It Tastes Like
Taste Very well balanced with complex citrus and apple acidity and a pleasing sweetness.
Aromas A base of caramel, toasted nuts and other barrel-aged aromas with deep flavours of cooked strawberries.
Body Creamy and full
Origin Marcala, Laz Paz, Honduras
Producer Rommel Melghem
Roast Medium ~ Fruity & Ripe
Flavour Syrupy and dense with flavours of strawberry and almond
Harvest January 2019 - March 2019
Varieties Parainema, Catuaí & Lempira
Altitude 1450 meters above sea level
ICO# #0013/0167/0326

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