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Yellow Buds

The history of yellow tea is not entirely clear. Some say it goes back a thousand years when a very rare Mengding Yellow Sprout tea was made exclusively for the imperial court as early as the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). Some say that the term ‘yellow tea’ has been used as a generic descriptor of tribute teas that were ‘offered’ to the emperor. Yellow was the imperial colour, and the colour of the robes worn by the officials of the imperial court who collected the tea, which was actually a tax. Even today, yellow tea is considered a gift worthy of royalty.


Yellow tea processing has one additional step that significantly alters the flavour, colour and feel of the tea – yellow tea is softer, sweeter, more mature and less grassy in flavour and character than green tea. The technique for making yellow tea compared to green tea is time and labor intensive. It takes about three days to make yellow tea versus half a day for green tea.

Tasting notes: Light, vegetal, sweet rice 

Tea garden: Mannong Ancient Tea Association

Country: China

Region: Yunnan Province