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Home Brewing Guide to the Press Pot

The Press Pot is a full-immersion brew method meaning the coffee is completely immersed in water throughout the brew time. It’s a very popular at-home brew method and produces a full-bodied brewed coffee.

Click here to download Press Pot Brewing Guide as a PDF.

What you need: 

Press Pot | Coffee | Grinder | Scale or a Measuring Spoon | Filtered Water | Kettle | Timer | Spoon | Coffee Mug (12 oz)

 Step 1:

Preheat Press Pot with hot water then drain out water.





Step 2: 

Grind coffee to a medium-coarse grind.  Use about 7 grams (approx. one tbsp)  for every 4 oz of water - for example if you have a 20 oz Press Pot, use about 5 tbsps of coffee. Pour coffee into Press Pot.




 Step 3:

Pour boiled water into Press Pot. Stir to make sure the coffee is evenly saturated.





Step 4:

Put lid on Press Pot and start time for 4 minutes. 






 Step 5:

After one minute, remove lid and stir again to make sure extraction is even throughout the brew.





Step 6:

  Place lid on again and make sure the opening on the lid and the spout are aligned.





 Step 7:

 At the end of the four minutes, push the press into the pot at a slow, even rate. This will force all the grounds to the bottom.





Step 8:

Pour the coffee into your mug as soon as it’s pressed. If there’s more than you can fit and you’d like to enjoy it later, transfer it to another carafe so it doesn’t sit with the grinds at the bottom.