Every coffee region and farmer we work with are different and they all create beautifully different results. We have a unique and delicious cup waiting just for you – from a smooth roast with notes of caramel and vanilla to a bold roast with a chocolate profile, and so much more.

Centro House

The everyday classic with loads of caramel and cocoa flavour


Bytown Boom

A classic dark profile with a strong, smooth & robust character


Logdriver Espresso

Hardworking and nimble with ample cocoa and caramel flavour


Darn Tasty Decaf

Flavourful with caramel and chocolate notes. Water processed for decaffeinated delight.


Snow Day

Caramel sweetness and soft red fruit acidity


Cielito Lindo

Chocolate and caramel notes with a soft apple acidity and lots of sweetness


Uganda- Bukonzo Joint

Heavy sweetness with a soft apple-like acidity


Women of Huehue

Plum and stone fruit acidity with a fresh sugar cane sweetness


Dark'n Tasty Decaf

Loads of smoky flavour and ample body. Water processed for decaffeinated delight


French Roast

Our darkest coffee boasts a powerful, smoky roast character


Best of El Milagro: Ysidro Cordova

Creamy and sweet, with notes of caramel and baked apple


Heyvis Natural

Sweet and juicy, with melon and strawberry aromas and slight floral notes


Nicaraguan Dark

Bold and full bodied, with notes of dark chocolate


Sumatran Dark

Big and bold with classic earthiness and spice notes


¡Buenas! Medium Dark Coffee Pods

¡Buenas! Medium Dark Coffee Pods


Bridgehead Coffee | Sumatra Dark Coffee Pods | Sustainable Fair trade Coffee Ottawa

Sumatra Dark Coffee Pods


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