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Finally. The pod that has it all!

Demtrio Melghem

We are very excited to introduce to you our Bridgehead pod – the pod that has it all! This is specialty quality coffee you can taste! It’s 100% certified compostable and its fairtrade and organic like all our coffees and teas. It’s k-cup compatible so for all of you who have a Keurig machine stowed away because of the landfill issue or lack of taste, give our pod a try. We think you’ll change your mind.

We know that many of our customers prefer pods at least some of the time, either for their first quick morning cup or for their office coffee machine. About 40% of households have a pod machine and pods are now almost as popular as traditional drip coffee at home. We realized this was a customer need that we couldn’t ignore, but it had to taste great and it couldn’t degrade the environment.

We were skeptical of pods for many years. The obvious landfill issue was the first barrier to overcome. We started to follow the development of PurPodTM technology, developed in Ontario through a partnership between Club Coffee, the University of Guelph and Competitive Green Technologies of Leamington that started in 2014. By 2016, a tested and 100% compostable pod was available.

We spent this past year working on getting the coffee to taste great by increasing the amount of coffee in the pod and sourcing high quality fairtrade and organic coffee. We are very pleased with the taste and body of our first two coffees! Buenas Medium Dark is a Colombian coffee designed as a satisfying morning brew with good body and rich toasty notes. Sumatran Dark is a full-bodied dark roast with classic Sumatran earthy tones and spicy notes.

Here’s more on the background of how the PurPodTM is constructed:

Lake Yojoa

 Give our pods a try and let us know what you think

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Specially Sourced Coffee Just in From Guatemala

Guatemala: The Best of Concepcío

This year we continued our work in Huehutenango, Guatemala with our friends at the CODECH cooperative in Concepción Huista. We also participated in a great event that we call The Best of Concepcíon. This is a coffee competition that dozens of farmers enter with the hopes of their coffee landing in the top positions.

We picked the 3rd place winner from the competition to be our Best of Concepcion coffee for 2017. It is a lot from the ADIPY cooperative and is quite floral and caramelly with clean strawberry-like fruity character. It makes for both an interesting and tasty cup for those who like something more acidity-focussed. Try The Best of Concepcíon now.

We also selected a lot out of the top 10 that has a very powerful jammy/fruity character that probably results from this coffee’s post-harvest fermentation. We’re calling it The Fruit of Concepción and it’s one of the most intriguing and fruit-forward coffees of the year. If you like natural processed and Ethiopian coffees then this is definitely one to try. Give it a try The Fruit of Concepción now.

Enjoy these new offerings from Guatemala!

Ian Clark
Director of Coffee

Posted September 07, 2017 in: featured1

Specially Sourced Coffee Just in From Central America!

Demtrio Melghem

This Spring our coffee sourcing team spent the month of March working closely with our supply partners and coffee producer associations throughout Central America to build our most exciting season to date. We have many unique and delicious coffees that highlight the range of flavours and high level of quality that small organic farms in Central America can produce.

We spent a couple of weeks in Honduras this year working with the increasingly famous agroecological farmers of COMSA in Marcala to find interesting microlots as well as to custom build our larger volume coffees used in blends. We tasted through almost 110 different coffees to pick out the most impressive.

Oscar Omar Alonzo

Among these was a wet processed coffee from Oscar Omar Alonzo, one of the most successful small organic farmers in the world. His yields are famously double to triple those of conventional farms. The secret? He says it is simple – use your mind and work hard. This coffee is called Cual Bicicleta, named after one of Oscar’s small farms where this coffee was grown. Try Cual Bicicleta now.

Also, new from Honduras this year is a totally new origin to us. We are happy to be the first major buyers of certified organic coffee from the Cielito Lindo Association based in the mountains above Peña Blanca, Santa Barbara. This coffee is grown under unique conditions in the cloudforests above Lake Yojoa and should be one of our most popular coffees of the season for its balance, pure flavour and great body. Try Cielito Lindo now.

Lake Yojoa

Later in the year we will have coffee return from the Melghem family of Marcala. We picked out three very interesting coffees this year that will highlight the effect of processing methods on flavour.

We have an exquisite and elegant wet processed, 100% Catuaí from Demetrio Melghem from a parcel that he now harvests with care each year specifically for Bridgehead.

There is also a very clean, jammy and juicy natural processed coffee from Rommel Melghem that he and his son Moisés have been experimenting with in recent years, to great success.

Rounding out the offering is a honey-processed coffee from Pedro Melghem – the first honey we have ever purchased, offering more of a full body and big toasty character than the other two coffees.

I hope you enjoy a journey through the flavours and triumphs of this year’s Centrals!

Ian Clark
Director of Coffee