Bridgehead reward program

What are the benefits to signing up for Bridgehead Rewards with the app or card?

When you sign up for Bridgehead Rewards you can earn and enjoy many benefits including:

  • A free medium specialty Birthday drink! It will be loaded automatically to your reward balance and can be redeemed anytime on your birthday or up to 7 days after.
  • Free coffee and tea rewards. You can redeem 110 points for a free brewed coffee or tea or redeem 220 points for a free specialty beverage!
  • Special deals (e.g., double points, free drinks and food) are sent to registered members only
  • Balance protection if your phone/card is lost or stolen
  • Ability to pay by phone/card. 
  • Early notice for new release coffees and teas (if you opt in to receive product information by email)

    How can I pay by phone?

    With the Bridgehead app you can leave your wallet at home. The Bridgehead app works just like a plastic Bridgehead Rewards Card. The app allows you to register, load, purchase, receive rewards and so much more. The app is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. 


    Can I transfer my Bridgehead Rewards to someone else?

    Sorry, registrations, balance and rewards are not transferable.


    How many Bridgehead Rewards Cards can I have?

    You can only have one Bridgehead Reward Card linked to your account.


    What happens if I lose my card/phone?

    If your card is registered, your balance and rewards are protected from the time you deactivate it. Just login, click on Card/Cards and edit your list to mark any card "lost" . If you lose your phone, you can login to your account on Bridgehead.ca and change your account password and prevent unauthorized use of your phone’s Bridgehead app. If you need assistance please call Bridgehead Customer Support at 613.231.5488.


    Will my transactions and rewards show on my account immediately?

    Yes, generally balance updates, transaction history and reward updates show on your account immediately unless connectivity is lost temporarily at a coffeehouse. In this case, the information will be stored locally and be updated when a connection is restored. If you notice that an update has not been made after 24 hours please contact us at inquire@bridgehead.ca.


    Do I have to register to enjoy rewards?

    You do not have to register to receive purchase-related rewards. However registering allows you to protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen. You also enjoy other benefits when you register including a free drink as a thank you and a Birthday drink once a year and special deals offered only to registered members. Read the Bridgehead Rewards Terms of Use for full details.


    How does Bridgehead manage my personal information?

    Please see our privacy statement for details.


    Can I cash in my rewards?

    No, cards/app account has no cash value i.e., cannot be exchanged for cash.


    Do I have to carry a balance?  



    Coffeehouses & Roastery

    Where are you located?

    You can find Bridgehead coffeehouses throughout the Ottawa area, including a location in the Ottawa Airport. Click here for a full list of our coffeehouse and roastery locations.


    Can I buy your coffee outside of Ottawa?

    All of our coffee is available to buy online here. We also have some wonderful wholesale customers who sell our coffee outside of Ottawa. Please contact us at inquire@bridgehead.ca to find out if there is a retail seller near you.


    Can we visit the Bridgehead Roastery?

    Yes - our Roastery and Coffeehouse is open to the public. Please note that volumes levels at this location are higher during roasting hours than other Bridgehead locations. We roast Monday to Friday in the mornings, however exact times are subject to change.


    What’s the best way to store coffee to keep it fresh?

    It’s best to keep coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark environment. It also keeps the coffee fresher if you keep it as whole beans and grind it only when you are ready to use it.


    Where is your food made?

    All of our food is made in Ottawa at Bytown Catering. Baked goods are delivered nightly by our drivers to each of our coffeehouses. 


    Online ordering

    Do you ship internationally?

    We currently ship throughout Canada and the United States.


    What is your return policy?

    We guarantee the freshness and quality of all of our products. If you are unhappy with a product that you have purchased, let us know and we will see if a refund is possible. Contact us at inquire@bridgehead.ca with your concern.

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