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Sumatra Dark Coffee Pods

Bold | Baking Spices | Chocolate Malt

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It’s everything you’ve wanted in a dark roast pod. We followed the pod market for years and became interested when the PurPod tested and certified compostable pod became available. Our coffee team spent the past year on creating tasty pod coffee by increasing the amount of coffee in the pod and by sourcing high-quality fairtrade and organic coffees. Now we are excited to share this better pod with you.

Each box contains twenty (20) pods compatible with the Keurig brewing system, and our lids are Keurig 2.0 compatible.

 This is a full-bodied dark coffee with classic Sumatran earthiness and spice notes.

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Type: Blend
Roast Level: Dark
Flavour: Bold | Baking Spices | Chocolate Malt

Suggested Brew Methods:

  • Keurig


  • Sumatra | Indonesia



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